I've had many coaches, but it wasn't until I was coached by Chris that I was able to see a huge advancement in my game. He is persistent and passionate when it comes to improving yourself technically and physically. Definitely miss having him in Wollongong, but I know he'll be appreciated by many in Queensland.

Tasha Vasos Former Student February 12, 2017

I had the honour of working as a Tennis Coach for Chris for over two years. During this time, Chris played a major role in my development as a tennis player and coach. He has a thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the game as well as a friendly, approachable personality. During my two years working with Chris he equipped me with the knowledge and skills to now run my own business and would highly recommend Chris for any level of tennis player.

Blake Riolo Former Employee February 12, 2017

Chris Lee coached my son Aidan from ages 8 through to 12. We were extremely sad to see him leave Wollongong to move to Brisbane with his family. Aidan had no idea about tennis when he started with Chris and on his first lesson we didn't even buy him a tennis racquet as we didn't know whether he would enjoy it. After that first lesson we were off to the shops to buy a racquet. Chris was amazing with all the kids and was such a great mentor with Aidan. It makes it that much better that he is also a qualified teacher. Within 2 years, Chris took Aidan from being a beginner to winning local area age championships and into the Champion of Champions event for the South-East region. Aidan placed 4th in this event where players have to be invited based on their tournament results throughout the year and being in the top 8 for their age group. He also played in tournaments in Sydney through Tennis Australia. There were lots of parents along the way who asked who coached Aidan because to people who understood tennis, it was very apparent that his coach was coaching him very well. Chris was also fantastic for my husband and I as we had no idea about tennis and he was always advising us what to do at every step of the way. Chris even came to watch at some of Aidan's tournaments and we didn't know any other child that their coach did the same thing. His passion and enthusiasm just rubbed off on every child and person around him. Chris was such a big loss to Wollongong and Brisbane is very lucky to have him.

Kristy Robaard Mother of Aidan Robaard February 16, 2017

Chris coached my daughter Molly from the age of 7 through to 11. During this time I saw Molly develop not only technical skill and ability but a real love of the game. As a PE teacher and tennis coach, Chris has an amazing level of patience and the ability to positively engage children at all ages and levels. Chris coached Molly in a way that really brought out the best in her, and saw her make some great achievements including successive years as local age champion. As a parent, the most impressive element of Chris as a coach is his ability to impart the importance of always being fair, maintaining composure and being a good sport both on and off the court.

Given Molly’s love of tennis, I also attended coaching with Chris to gain a greater knowledge of the game and improve my fitness. I looked forward to my lesson each week, and found it was a great way to not only get fit but also to de-stress and learn about the technical elements of the game, which has helped me to understand and support Molly as she has progressed.

I would recommend Chris as a tennis coach for any family looking for someone with the energy and enthusiasm to spark a life-long love of tennis.

Amanda Frew Former Student and Mother of Molly Buikstra February 20, 2017